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Supported use cases for the Authorization Service

This page provides an overview of the use cases supported by the Authorization Service regarding users, groups and applications management.

The Support column in the tables indicates if the corresponding use case is supported or not, or will be supported in a future release.

The Handled by column indicates which support line should normally handle the ticket: 1st, 2nd, 3rd level support or Security Team.

The 3rd level support line is constituted by the service administrators, and should take care of a ticket only in case of technical problems. Ideally service admins should only fix the technical issue and pass the ticket back to 2nd level support, which will close the ticket with the user.

Users management

Use case Support Handled by
Resetting MFA token Yes 2nd
Associate social account Future release (Q1 2021) 2nd
Edit mail properties Future release (Q1 2021) 2nd
Account activation Future release (Q1 2021) 1st
Account blocking Future release (Q1 2021) Security
Password reset Future release (Q1 2021) 1st, 2nd
Change account owner Future release (Q2 2021) 2nd
Login change Future release (Q2 2021) 2nd
Deleting accounts Not supported -

Groups management

Use case Support Handled by
Change group owner Future release (Q2 2021) 2nd

Applications management

Use case Support Handled by
Grant "groups in token" Future release (Q1 2021) 2nd
Change application owner Future release (Q2 2021) 2nd