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Can't log in with eduGAIN?

eduGAIN allows researchers to log into research websites (such as those at CERN) using an account at their Home Institute (e.g. your University). If you are unable to authenticate, there is either a problem at your Home Institute or one at CERN.

Trouble at your Home Institute

You should be able to contact the IT or Security contact at your Home Institute to get help. The following are common problems.

Security Requirements

Your Home Institute must support the Sirtfi Framework for you to be able to authenticate to CERN with eduGAIN. This is so that we can contact a security expert if there is a security problem, such as your account being compromised. Only Home Institutes that support Sirtfi are listed on CERN's login page - it may take up to 24 hours for your Institute to appear if they have just added support for Sirtfi.

Attribute Release

We need a small amount of data to be sent to us when you authenticate, known as the Research & Scholarship Attribute Bundle. This contains:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • A persistent identifier (so that we know it's still you the next time you authenticate at CERN!)

If your Home Institute doesn't release this information you will not be able to use CERN services.

You can check which attributes your Home Institute releases at this Attribute Checking Site.

Trouble at CERN

If you've checked with your Home Institute and are still not able to authenticate, please raise a ticket with our support team by contacting the Service Desk.